10 Perfect Products for the Personal Concierge

I'm often coming up with greats ideas for how to make my day-to-day personal concierge life easier. It turns out, a lot of them have already been invented! So, instead of reinventing the wheel, I thought I'd share a list of 10 ideas, just in case these might be helpful for you too!


Essentials53 Piece Around-the-House Tool Kit

How often do you wish you easily had a tape measure or a screw driver? Well, now you have this and more, with 53 pieces!


High Road Heavy Duty Expandable Clothes Hanger

I really need one of these! We are transporting washing, ironing and dry cleaning around on an almost daily basis and it would make life so much easier!


Like a Boss Receipt Catcher

This is just perfect for all the receipts I seem to collect every day. If it were me, I would write my client names on the tabs.


Lotus Trolley Bags With Large Cooler Bag

This is a genius idea, especially if you have different clients you are shopping for at one time, or different locations that you need to take things.


Troika Patent Keyholder with 6 Rings

I have so many keys! And I like to have the majority of my client keys with me, just in case they call me to do something for them whilst I'm on the road. This key ring would be perfect for me, and I can unclip it from my main key ring when I don't need them.

Jackery Giant+ 12000mAh Dual USB Portable Battery Charger

I am forever trying to remember to charge my phone and my bluetooth headphones. This would save the day for all the times I've forgotten to plug them into my car charger.

Keep Cup Travel Mug

Change up the colour combo and this is the exact travel mug I have with me every day. And I mean every day! If I walk out of the door without my coffee, I feel like I've left my right arm home!!


Augbunny 100% Cotton Canvas Zipper Coin Purse

How about this for an idea? Why not buy a different one each for all your different clients. That way you can keep keys, store cards, notes and garage buzzers all in one place!


Tile - Key Finder. Phone Finder. Anything Finder

I'm forever using the 'Find My Phone' app to find my phone! Usually it's just in another room, most likely under something. But when you are about to rush out the door, how annoying is it if you can't find your phone or your keys. This would certainly be a lifesaver!


got concierge? 20oz Sturdy Stainless Steel Water Bottle

And finally, how fun is this! It could even be a cool client gift with your logo on the other side 🙂


What genius product do you recommend to your fellow personal concierge?

Drop me a line and yours could be featured in an upcoming blog post! x Abbie





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