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Using social media as a personal concierge is all about story telling. It can be challenging to fully explain what we do for our clients. It can also be difficult for current clients to completely understand the scope of all we can do for them. One way to solve this problem is by implementing a strategy I like to call 'show and tell'. 'Show and tell' refers to the storytelling you need to do as a personal concierge in order to educate people on what you do, types of people who use you, and what they use you for.

In this post I'm going to briefly share my thoughts on the top five platforms I use, as well as giving you 10 ideas on how to use social media to share your personal concierge story.

Do you use other platforms? Do you have any other social media post ideas? Please share them in the comments below!

But, which social media platforms should I be using?

I believe you have two decisions to make when it comes to deciding what platforms you should be using.

Firstly, where do you think your ideal client will be? Some may feel their ideal clients aren't using any social media at all. That may be the case, but I suggest you test out this theory before you abandon all social media altogether. The majority of people I believe are either on Facebook or LinkedIn, and many of these are on both. They then may be on any number of other social media platforms. Part of your role as a business owner is to test your social media strategy to find how which platform, and which post types, resonate most with your ideal client, keeping in mind that this can change over time.

Secondly, you need to consider how much time you have to invest in each platform, and what your natural communication style is. Are you into photo, video, text, or clever graphics? What type of storytelling do you want to do? Work out what fits naturally with you and your business, and then focus on one or two platforms on a regular basis (my preferences are Facebook and Instagram). Others you can either ignore, or simply maintain on a semi-regular basis (as I do with Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest).

Here are my quick tips on the platforms I use.

Facebook - I believe everyone should have a Facebook business page that is updated at least semi-regularly. Facebook is almost becoming the new Google when it comes to researching businesses. People are going to (a) head to your website and then (b) check out your Facebook page. At a minimum, unless you know for a fact your ideal clients will never seek you out on Facebook, I feel you should have and use a Facebook business page.

Instagram - Instagram is a great way to share your stories visually, and can also be a little more relaxed in terms of the style of posts you offer. However, you can also use your instagram account in a very fun or very strategic way. Take a look at my le Porter account for an example of the fun way I use my posts to visual effect. Instagram is also a great way for finding and attracting followers using hashtags (more details on hashtags will be saved for another day!). Create a business Instagram account and keep your personal account (if you have one) separate to ensure all your posts target your ideal client.

Twitter - As a personal preference, I save Twitter for times when I am at events and all attendees are engaging over an event specific hashtag ie. #conciergeconference2016. It's a great way to connect with and follow other attendees at the event, in real time. I suggest you go ahead and like all posts using the same hashtag, and follow as many people as you would like to who are also tweeting. They will often see your tweet, like or follow and then quickly jump on your profile to take a look. They will more often than not follow you back too! You may choose to create a personal and/or a business twitter account. If you do use a personal account keep in mind your voice is representing both yourself and your business so ensure this aligns.

Pinterest - I find Pinterest a fantastic way to drive traffic to my website. By posting regular blog posts on my site, creating an interesting graphic for them, and then sharing these over Pinterest, it is actually quite amazing how many people see them and head to your website. You can create a business Pinterest account, and then get quite clever with the types of posts you pin and the way you use your boards.

LinkedIn - I believe everyone should have a LinkedIn profile. It is your online resume and demonstrates your professionalism. Ensure you have an up-to-date and informative profile that really sells you and your business. You can then also posts updates and blog posts direct into LinkedIn. For me I don't focus on LinkedIn regularly as my ideal clients aren't interacting as much on this platform. I also feel LinkedIn has a more professional, business-to-business tone to it at the moment, so the type of content I'm sharing is quite a fit at this stage. However, if you are focused on corporate or business clients, then LinkedIn may be the best focus for you.

What should I post?

Below I've share 10 different ideas for how you can use social media to share your story with your ideal client. The goal should be to engage and educate your ideal client to demonstrate why and how they can use a personal concierge. I'm thrilled to feature a number of personal concierges from around the world in the posts below!

> A photo of you on a job.

> A before and after shot

> A location photo and check-in

> A live video answering a question

> A photo showing a completed task

> Live tweet your day!

> A testimonial text image from a client

> A graphic describing what you've been doing

How about we make your beds! #adelaide #adelaidehills #leporter #concierge #chores #radelaide #southaustralia #housekeeper

A photo posted by le Porter - Errands (@le_porter) on

> A graphic linking to one of your blog posts

> A cat photo! Because who doesn't like a cat photo šŸ˜‰

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