You’ve just started your business, but you have no idea how to find your first client?

You have so many questions but you don’t know any other personal concierges you can ask?

You can only do so much but you don’t know what’s most important?

You’re not sure how to go about marketing or even how to identify and find your ideal client?

I’ve been asked all these questions, and more! I can help. . x Abbie Allen

Abbie Allen

I’m Abbie Allen, the founder of The Concierge Society. My passion is helping personal concierge business owners create a business that they thrive in.

I’ve been running my business Lifestyle Elements Concierge for over 11 years, servicing 150+ clients from all over the world find more time in their day to do what they love. When I started there was no one else in my home city of Adelaide, South Australia, running a personal concierge business. There were very few throughout Australia. Over the last 11 years I’ve learnt a lot about what works and doesn’t work, in business, but most specifically in a personal concierge business.

I’m here to help you leap over the hurdles I bumped or crashed into. Through my personal concierge coaching, as well as the membership and eCourse programs I’m developing, I will enable you to identify your ideal clients, find out where they are and how best to communicate them, and create your system to engage with your business and discover how indispensable you are.

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Some of the questions I had, and which I answer regularly include:

  • How do I set my prices?
  • Do I need insurance?
  • Do I need a website?
  • How much should a website cost?
  • How do you find your first clients?
  • Should I have suppliers lined up before I start?
  • What templates will I need?
  • How do you charge for travel?
  • Should I be available on weekends?
  • Do I need to employ staff?

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Abbie Allen - Founder, The Concierge Society

A Bit About Me & Why I Started The Concierge Society

I launched my concierge business Lifestyle Elements in 2004 at the age of 23. Prior to this, I had gained a Bachelor of Management majoring in Marketing, worked as a nanny, a Marketing Assistant, a Human Resources Administrator, and travelled through Europe. When I returned to Australia, I’d been planning my business for six months, and with no mortgage, no children, and no job I had to return to, I really had no excuses not to give this a try!

I’ve learnt a lot in my 11 years. A lot of what to do, and a heck of a lot of what not to do! I’ve discovered a few things that work, and quite a few that don’t.

Now I’m regularly getting asked questions about how I started, whether they should buy a advertisement in the local newspaper, or what networking events I think are the best. I’m a bit of a sharer. I don’t mind answering these questions and getting into the detail. When some of these questions started coming from outside my city, from beyond the Australian shores, I wondered if perhaps there was a way I could help more people especially those just starting out. Because lets me honest, those first few years can be quite tricky! Especially running a personal concierge business where the majority of people you talk to don’t even know what you do!

So here I am, over 11 years later, and I’m bringing The Concierge Society to you. Please go ahead, ask your questions, even if you think they’re silly (keep in mind that I’m from the school of thought that there is no silly question!) and I will do my best to answer them, via facebook, our forum, a blog post, or a course. I want to find the most valuable way to deliver the answers to your questions, as well as getting you to the point where you know you are building the concierge business of your dreams!

Welcome, and thanks for joining me!

x Abbie

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Join us today and download your FREE eBook "50 Ways To Find New Personal Concierge Clients". Or become a member of The Concierge Secret Society to receive private support as well as access amazing resources. Find out more here.

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