Clare Barry, of Berkshire in the UK, started her personal concierge business Victoria James Concierge in 2014, as a natural progression from her years of working as a CEO's Executive Assistant. After assisting a family relocating to the UK, who then went on to seek assistance from her in many aspects of family life, Clare was inspired to start her own business. This family are now not only clients but also friends!

"My goal for starting the business was to achieve an ambition of building a business I could be proud of, and to be able to do something I love." Clare is proud of all she has achieved and the milestones she has reached. In particular, Clare mentions those things which may appear to be small things, and yet mean such a huge amount to her and her clients, as being a key motivation. "From moving into our first office space to taking on new clients, it all means a lot. The fact our role is so diverse, every day is completely different."

Clare's business has naturally developed from everything she loves and enjoys. "I have always been an organiser....and wanted to be a party planner when I was younger." She has developed the skills and contacts over the years to create a successful business.

Even though Clare states she never has the "Monday Blues", there have still been some hurdles for her to overcome. "Building the business whilst looking after clients is always a juggling act." Clare has found that hiring additional staff and ensuring they use their skill set to the fullest has helped her overcome this. It is obviously working for Clare, as she finds the majority of her clients through word of mouth.

For new personal concierge business owners Clare has one key tip - research, research, research! She said it is "very important to learn about the industry, how it works, and who your competitors are."

Clare is particularly inspired by Baroness Michelle Mone and her book My Fight To The Top. "I really admire Baroness Michelle Mone for starting a business from nothing to becoming a renowned business woman."

In Clare's own words, she believes "Anything is possible!"



Clare Barry
Victoria James Concierge
"Anything is possible."



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