Personal Concierge Coaching with Abbie Allen

Have you had one goal for your concierge business, which you’ve wanted to achieve for a long time, but haven’t felt ready?

Still yet to land your first concierge client? Wondering how to start?

Wondering how you should spend your marketing dollars? Or what to do when you don’t actually have any?

Wish there was a quick and easy way for people to understand what you do and why they need a personal concierge?

These are all questions I’ve had myself, and helped others tAbbie Alleno answer. The number one thing I’ve discovered is that accountability is the key to taking the first, second, and tenth step. Most of the time we know what we need to do, we just spend more time talking ourselves out of it instead of getting on and doing it!

That’s where I come in. As your coach I am your accountability partner. We work together to get your goals achieved!

Do you want to know the real bonus? I’m a personal concierge too so I know what it’s like!

  • I actually understand what a personal concierge is and all the different (sometimes crazy, sometimes mundane) requests and questions you get asked.
  • I know what it’s like to try and explain what you do when the list of tasks we complete are almost endless.
  • I know what it’s like to try and get insurance for a business that is so diverse and varied.
  • And I know what it’s like to have no clients one minute and then so much work you start struggling to manage it all and begin to make mistakes.
  • I have ideas and experience with managing cash flow, finding suppliers, setting boundaries with your clients, and hiring contractors and staff.
  • I’m a personal concierge too!
    Ready to join us!

Abbie's Expertise

Abbie Allen - Founder, The Concierge Society

Abbie Alen - Founder, The Concierge Society

Abbie Allen, founder of The Concierge Society, is an experienced mentor and coach. Her particular passion is working with people new to the personal concierge industry, but is happy to work with anyone at any level or stage of their business.

  • Starting & running a personal concierge business
  • Marketing + social media
  • WordPress websites
  • Networking
  • Public speaking
  • Young business owners
  • Women in business

How can I get Abbie to coach or mentor me?

You can book monthly coaching with Abbie Allen for $250. Please be aware there are limited places available in 2015 and once these are full you will need to go on the wait list.

What does the coaching involve?

  • 1 x 1 hour monthly skype call with Abbie
  • Reasonable email access to Abbie (2 business day response)
  • Access to our The Concierge Secret Society

We will arrange your first trial session within 2 business days of this purchase. During this session, if you choose to continue, we will schedule our future sessions.

There is absolutely no obligation after the first trial session, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.*

Ready to join us!

My focus will be on identifying your goals and keeping you accountable, along with supporting you, answering questions, and offering advice, as appropriate. I will be open with my own experiences, share my knowledge, and refer you to other readings or services if required.

With over 11 years experience as a personal concierge business owner, as well as a huge variety of experience and expertise, I have no doubt you'll get a lot out of your time with me. Plus, I'm all about accountability. So at the end of every session you will have a list of actions that you will have to complete and report back to me with!

I know how daunting it was when I first started my business. Being such a relatively new industry, it is hard to get help and advice from someone who actually knows what it's like to run a personal concierge business. Believe me, I've learnt a lot in my 11 years running Lifestyle Elements.

I can't wait to get started with you! Taking the first step is often the most daunting, but once you do, that's when things really start to get exciting!!

If you have questions before you purchase your trial session, simply email me to ask any questions.

*No refunds are given and all months are paid for in advance. You may choose to pause your subscription for a limited period, but this must be negotiated with us.

Ready to join us!

About Abbie

Abbie has a Bachelor of Management majoring in Marketing. She has run her personal concierge business Lifestyle Elements since 2004, founding it at the age or 23. She is an experienced and award winning public speaker, and has a passion for technology and online marketing to support and grow your business. Abbie is a current mentor for the start up incubator Venture Dorm as well as for the Law and Business School at The University of South Australia. You can read more about Abbie and why she founded The Concierge Society here.


By 2013 I had accumulated a lot of great Personal Assistant experience and decided to turn it in to my own business as a Personal Concierge. Upon researching various PC websites (of which there were very few in Canada), there was one that continually stood out and it was Abbie Allen’s Lifestyle Elements. I was anxious to speak to this genius who not only had turned her experience in to a thriving business at a young age, but who had also created a simplistic yet informative website for her clients. Before I knew it, I was receiving regular coaching sessions by phone that answered all the niggling ‘Pricing’, ‘How to Get Started’, ‘Website’ questions that were the stumbling blocks holding me back. Clearly she doesn’t sleep; now with the creation of The Concierge Society; a much needed resource for all of us to continue to grow and keep in touch professionally and personally as needed. Thank you Abbie! Vikki Benner, Vikki Benner Personal Concierge, Calgary, Canada


I recently went to a (Institute of Concierge and Lifestyle Managers) conference where Abbie Allen from Lifestyle Elements was a speaker on 'How to clearly present your message and communicate confidently'. Abbie’s presentation and preparation was excellent and although her request challenged me, I thank her for this as well as the tips and hints that I will be able to utilize in the future. Anonymous


Abbie Allen recently spoke at our Women Talking Finance event.  She was extremely engaging and shared her journey starting out as a young entrepreneur, building her business and the lessons she learned along the way.  Abbie’s passion for what she does at Lifestyle Elements is totally evident and provided great inspiration to all those that attended.   It’s very clear to see why she was a finalist in the Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year category (SA).

The feedback we received from the attendees was fantastic and generated a lot of new conversations and ideas.  I would highly recommend Abbie to any business or organisation looking to gain an insight and practical advice from a successful female business owner. Karen Abbott, Principal, FinSec Planners

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