Becoming A Member of The Concierge Secret Society

What's the difference between The Concierge Society and The Concierge Secret Society?
The Concierge Society is the umbrella brand which will span above a variety of resources and products. At the moment we have (a) free access to limited material within our content library, (b) access to the free facebook group, (c) 1:1 coaching with Abbie, and (d) our paid subscription product, The Concierge Secret Society. In the future I may offer additional products, resources and training.

Will I be able to display The Concierge Society logo on my website?
Yes. One you join up you have the option to embed either The Concierge Society or The Concierge Secret Society logo on your website (or both!).

What's the difference between the free private Facebook group and the private forum?
The Facebook group is free and will remain free. It is a great way for personal concierges to connect, offer support and ask questions. However, there are a lot of additional benefits to a private online forum which I thought would be important to members of The Concierge Secret Society. I have found that forums are much easier to search and will make it easier for our members to search and access past information. We will be running various member challenges and activities within the forum, and I also plan to set up small, private accountability groups for our members which will run within the forum.

How much does it cost and how do I pay?
There is a $25 Monthly Subscription or a $275 Annual Subscription. These are automatic subscriptions, with payments automatically deducted from your credit card via PayPal. You can cancel at any time. There are no refunds but you will be able to access The Concierge Secret Society until the end of the term (month or year) that you are paid up for.

Will I get personal access to Abbie?
Abbie endeavours to be in the private forum every day, answering questions and contributing to discussion. If you would like more personalised support, you can receive 1:1 coaching with Abbie, which also includes membership to The Concierge Secret Society.

Member Questions

Where do I log in?
You can either click this link or click the Membership link in the menu at the top of our website.

I can't find my login details
Look for the email you received after registering (either free or paid). Your username is your email address.

I can't find my password
To reset your password go to this link, click login, and then

Can I pause my subscription?
At the moment our system doesn't allow an easy way to pause and resume subscriptions. You are welcome to email me so that we can discuss your situation and find a solution.

Can I upgrade my membership?
Absolutely! You can upgrade from a free member to a member of The Concierge Secret Society, or add personal 1:1 coaching with Abbie to your The Concierge Secret Society membership from within your member dashboard. Simply click the PayPal buttons to upgrade.

I have more specific Concierge Secret Society member questions. Can you help?
If you are a member of The Concierge Secret Society you can go the the Members Support page or via your Members Dashboard. If you are not yet a member you can email Abbie direct here.

Get In Touch

We'd love to hear from you! Please send us a message below & we'll get back to you ASAP. x Abbie Allen


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