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Customer service is a crucial element to any business, but most especially in the personal concierge industry. In my business, one of the ways I strive to deliver amazing customer service is to implement our business policy entitled 'That Little Bit Extra'.

What Do I Mean By 'That Little Bit Extra'?

The types of things I'm talking about are the little extra things you do to make your client feel amazing for using your service. Just like the chocolate on your bed in a hotel, or the champagne on your table when you book an anniversary meal, 'That Little Bit Extra' means doing things to surprise your clients and make them smile.

For instance, last week one of my client's returned from Singapore. I'd completed a very large list of tasks for them while they were away which I knew they would be happy about. However, to finish things off, I bought a bunch of flowers, nothing too expensive, and had them in a vase on their kitchen island ready for them to see as soon as they walked in the door. Did it really make a difference? Absolutely! Here is the text I received from them. (P.S. I didn't know they were her favourites - but now I do and that will be added to my CRM).

That Little Bit Extra


Implement It As Policy

It is super easy to get busy focused on delivering your tasks on time to your clients. As your business grows things become hectic and it can be challenging to juggle all the things you need to do in the time you have. Although your customers will appreciate what you do for them, once they get used to having a concierge, they may almost take it for granted. One way to 'wow' them is to focus on doing 'that little bit extra' every time you complete a task for them. This may not always be possible, but if you strive for it, you are sure to impress. We have this implemented as a business policy. That way we are always thinking of ways to do 'that little bit extra'. It's not always practical or sensible, depending on what it is you're doing, but if you make the thinking part of your every day, then spotting ways to impress becomes a whole lot easier. And when you receive texts like the one I did above, make sure you share it with your team (or a friend or a family member) to celebrate your success!

Some Ideas For You

Here is a list of just some of the ways you can 'Do That Little Bit Extra' and impress your clients:

  • Wash and/or dry the dishes.
  • Bring in the mail.
  • Pick up the newspaper delivery.
  • Bring the bins back in from the street.
  • Clean their car windscreen.
  • Make their bed.
  • Tidy the cushions on the lounge.
  • Neaten the magazines on the coffee table.
  • Put their shoes back in the rack.
  • Buy extra dog food when you notice they're low (at their expense).
  • Fold the basket of clean towels.
  • Sweep the front verandah.
  • Pump up their car tyres.
  • Have fresh bread and milk waiting when they return from holiday.
  • Send them photos of their pets while they're away.

Do you have more suggestions? Please share in the comments below!

Remember What's Important To Them

One of the advanced level tricks to remember once you've successfully implemented your 'That Little Bit Extra Policy' is to keep track of the things that are specifically important to your individual clients. Do they love a certain brand of chocolate? Do they have a favourite flower? Is their dog the centre of their world? Do they get excited by a clean kitchen bench? Everything you can do to make them feel great is brilliant, but when you can also do what means the world to them, then you're really becoming a customer service ninja!

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