It was Luci Lockwood's friends, who would always ask her for suggestions of things to do and where to go, that inspired her in 2015 to start her own personal concierge business, The Clientele, in Sydney, Australia.

Being inspired by driven, busy people who work really hard and still have time and energy for fun and living life, Luci has certainly found herself in the ideal industry. She always wanted to been an Events or Project Manager "and I wanted to work with people."

The aspect of being a personal concierge that Luci enjoys the most is "working on a range of different things and for different people.". Yet, the experience of running her own business has been different to what she initially expected. "I find it difficult to work on my own and less inspiring. I want to find a partner."

Since operating her personal concierge business, Luci has found the best piece of advice she has received to be "the only thing standing in the way of you getting what you want is you. And, be nice to everybody." Certainly a strong mantra for anyone starting their own business.

By taking the leap to start her own personal concierge business, Luci is certainly walking the talk when she says her favourite quote is "You only live once!"


Luci Lockwood
The Clientele
"You only live once."



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