Please find below video clips of interviews we've done with personal concierge business owners.

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Ruth Hovsepian - Concierge Montreal

This 4 minute clip video covers:
- what Ruth would get a personal concierge to do for her
- what marketing strategies have and haven't worked for her
- juggling work and home life, how she decided to become a personal concierge
- her most common request
- what type of person she thinks is best suited to becoming a personal concierge
- and what she would do differently if she were starting her business again.

The full video covers all of the above in more detail plus:
- her quirky requests
- Ruth shows us her marketing materials
- talks about her pricing strategy
- business insurance for a personal concierge
- the accounting software she uses
- the future for the personal concierge industry
- and Ruth's advice for those thinking of starting a personal concierge business.


Ashlee Ferguson - Queen City Concierge

This 5 minute clip video covers:
- If you had your own personal concierge, what would you get them to do?
- Why did you decide to start a personal concierge business?
- What marketing strategies did you use when you were first starting out?
- Do you have a regular day or week?
- How did you set your pricing?
- What has been your quirkiest request?
- What type of person do you think is best suited to being a personal concierge?
- If you were starting your business again, what would you do differently?

The full video covers all of the above in more detail plus:
- Ashlee shows us her personal concierge binder
- Why posting your prices on your website are a good thing
- Ashlee’s experiences when she increased her prices
- Ashlee has another very quirky request to share with you!
- How does she differentiate herself from her competitors?
- How do you get an interested prospect ‘over the line’ to become a client?
- Why being humble is an important characteristic for a personal concierge


Susan Ho - Good Neighbor Concierge

This 6 minute clip video covers:

- What she would have a personal concierge do
- Why she started her personal concierge business
- Who her ideal clients are
- What her most effective marketing strategy is
- What her typical week looks like
- Her quirkiest request!
- What she’d do differently if she could start again
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The full video covers all of the above in more detail plus:
- Why she was nicknamed Speed Demon and how that has translated into her business
- The story of her parent’s business and how it has inspired and motivated her
- The ‘ah ha’ moments that motivated her to start her business
- How she worked out why her ideal clients weren’t calling her and what it had to do with her pricing
- What other marketing strategies have and haven’t worked for her
- What her seasonal work schedule looks like
- What she thinks about hiring staff
- Shares her accounting system
- What type of person is best suited to being a personal concierge
- Where she sees her business and the industry heading
- Her key advice for those thinking about starting a personal concierge business


Abbie Allen - The Concierge Society and Lifestyle Elements Concierge

It's Abbie's turn to be interviewed! Abbie Allen, founder of The Concierge Society has the camera turned on her. Ruth Hovsepian of Concierge Montreal asks Abbie all the questions she usually asks.

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