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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the huge scope of what being a personal concierge means?

It's so easy to be everything to everyone as a personal concierge. You love helping people. You'll help anyone and do anything (well, almost!). It's why you chose to be a personal concierge in the first place.  You offer a great support to everyone else, but who is there to support you?

Are you ready to join a support network that actually understands what a personal concierge does.....because they're all personal concierge business owners or staff?

You've come to the right place! The Concierge Secret Society has created to support you, personal concierge business owners, to create a business they thrive in!

Being a personal concierge is unlike any other job out there. One minute you're booking a table at a restaurant, the next minute you're accepting a new couch delivery, before racing off to walk a dog and then researching a client holiday.

It's no wonder you sometimes feel as though you are lacking clarity around what you should focus on, and what you should do next.  While you're trying to work out how best to serve your current and future clients, it's easy to feel overwhelmed.

You can offer such a variety of services, from errand running and grocery shopping, to event planning and relocation services, just managing the day-to-day can be a real juggle.

  • You know you love being a personal concierge.
  • Whenever you tell people what you do they just love the idea!
  • You truly believe in what you do and the huge potential for your business.

Why does it seem that a lot of people don't quite 'get' what you do?

Here are just some of the questions personal concierge owners (or future owners) just like you are asking:

  • How much should I charge?
  • How do I market my business?
  • Why are people always so enthusiastic but they don't become clients?
  • How do I quickly and clearly explain what I do?
  • Should I charge by the hour or by membership?
  • What do I need to do before I set up my business?
  • Should I be on Facebook? Instagram? Pinterest? Latest-whizz-bang-social-media-platform?

The Concierge Secret Society is here to help you answer all these questions and more, PLUS:

  1. Find a support network who understands the industry you're in.
  2. Ask questions with authenticity.
  3. Take action.
  4. Share your own results and advice.
  5. Become a champion and a supporter!
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Private Facebook Group

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What do you get in The Concierge Secret Society?

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Concierge Secret Society Template Library

Member Only Template Library - A member only library, regularly updated, and full of templates, forms and checklists (including grocery shopping template, new client agreement form, new client meeting checklist, key holding form template, media release template, and more!).

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Every month a new Vault is opened, full of great resources, training, videos and interviews, so you know you are getting something new on a regular basis. What's included in the Vault each month is determined by you. Based on member requests, forum conversations, or topical issues, these Vaults are designed to give you the information you can't get anywhere else.

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Want to know more?
Why did I start The Concierge Society?

Our businesses are so unique. We are dealing with a huge variety of tasks every day. We have the potential to take our businesses in many different directions. I struggled to explain this to people outside of my industry who couldn't truly understand what I needed to achieve each day. I found that having a support network of colleagues helped me to develop my understanding and confidence. But I was lacking the support of people from our worldwide community, a network of personal concierges from many regions and cultures. A wide network who provided a depth of knowledge and understanding from markets throughout the world, who could also assist me in servicing my clients. Once you have a support network who can provide you with both advice and accountability, it's amazing what you can achieve in your business! Once you build relationships with your personal concierge colleagues, challenges don't seem so insurmountable, answers are quick to come by, and new ideas are there, to help you grow and take charge.

The Concierge Secret Society

Now I want you to have access to the type of support community I have been dreaming of
- so I created it for you!

I've created The Concierge Secret Society to provide you with a private members only forum, plus a regularly updated library of templates, forms and guides, as well as access to exclusive Secret Society only content such as webinars, interviews and training.

The Concierge Secret Society is designed to be your constant source of support, advice, ideas and accountability, which can be accessed daily, weekly, or as you need it.   PLUS you will have resources at your fingertips, for whatever stage of your business you are at - whether you're just thinking about starting, or if you've been in business for many years.

Can I tell you a little bit about how I got here?

So, there were, and still are, many times when I've doubted and questioned myself. I've been unsure of where to turn for help, how to deal with mistakes I've made, or simply been unable to handle a particular client request.  I needed a quick, reliable support team that I could turn to at a moments notice.

I started my business at the age of 23, full of enthusiasm, motivation and energy. And no clients. Eighteen months later I had a selection of clients, but I was still working part time, and the majority of work I was doing was certainly not what I had imagined when I started. There was no one else to follow, no one else to ask for help, who truly got what I was going through.

I was looking for a worldwide support team of personal concierges. 11 years on, I've decided to create that team, The Concierge Secret Society, so that I too can seek advice, as well as share my own knowledge and learnings from over 11 years in business. I am servicing clients from all over the world, have staff and a network of personal concierges working for me, and I am excited for the future of my business, and yours.

You won't be able to truly serve your clients if you're not getting the support you really need.

We are in the business of being of service, of being a support for people in need. Yet if you don't get the support you need, I promise you, you won't last long in this industry of ever changing requests, curly questions, and challenging situations.

How do I know if The Concierge Secret Society is right for me?

1. You know that something has to change and you're ready for it.

2. You know there are times when you have longed to ask another personal concierge how they would do it.

3. You realise that you can't do it all yourself but you don't know where to turn to for help.

4. You're longing for a community that really, truly understands what it's like to be a personal concierge.

Only another personal concierge can really understand what it's like to run a personal concierge business!

I created The Concierge Secret Society because I know we are a unique bunch. We're wired just that bit differently to most people. We can see the big picture, and also get our hands dirty. We can tackle the nitty gritty, but also have a vision for the future. We're happy organsing a corporate event one day and waiting for a plumber the next. We are - personal concierges!

What will I get out of The Concierge Secret Society?

  • Support - so that you don't feel so alone
  • Advice - so that you can feel confident in your decisions
  • Accountability - so that you get things done
  • Community - so that you can share with people who get it
  • Understanding - so that you can get insight from others who are also navigating the world of the personal concierge

At what stage of my business should I be to join?

The short answer: at any stage!

The slightly longer answer: You may only just be thinking about starting your personal concierge business. You may already have a few clients. You may have been in business for a number of years. The timing isn't the key. Your need for a support team is. If you are completely confident in all areas of your business and are surrounded by people who totally get what you are trying to do,  then you probably don't need this secret society (but I'd love you to share your expert insights with us). However, if you know that you could be doing better and achieving more, then The Concierge Secret Society will help you  do just that.

Join now!

What I can guarantee

  • You'll find a support team ready to answer questions.
  • I'll be in the forum on a regular basis to contribute personally.
  • You'll become part of a unique community focused on generosity and growth.

What I can't guarantee

  • That you'll get the perfect answer every time.
  • That you'll always agree with the advice offered by other forum members.
  • That as a result of your participation in the forum your business will grow or you will start making more money.
  • That you will find clients or have other personal concierges refer work to you.

Get In Touch

We'd love to hear from you! Please send us a message below & we'll get back to you ASAP. x Abbie Allen


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